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Wechsel (German for “change”) or: The evolution of equipment

Tradition is a great thing, and good things endure. But we think it is just as important to create new things, to improve and adjust things to fit the changing demands. Thus many of our tents have been revised, such as the tents in the Outpost series and the Lodges Line family tents. New tents have been added, like the Forum 3, and proven ones, like the Pathfinder, have remained unchanged.

We have completely revamped our production and quality management, allowing us to create the Wechsel tents more precisely and in best quality.

The result: Wechsel tents are top quality tents with a unique ease of use, improved materials, and an even greater selection of models at sensible prices. All of our Wechsel tents are guaranteed.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact either your trade retailer or us directly.

Why Wechsel?

We know that special constructions are necessary to meet individual demands to achieve maximum usage. You will not find a “standard”dome tent in our collection. Instead, you will find unique tents such as the Outpost, the Pathfinder or the tents in the Forum series. You will find details on every Wechsel tent that you won’t find anywhere else. These make our tents especially easy to pitch, and they offer more than just sufficient space, comfort and protection. A wide selection of models, materials, and series give our customers a diverse selection to unite their technical needs (e.g. weight and packing size) with their personal demands for comfort.

Stability through Design

During the design stage, our tents are calculated to provide maximum stability. The surfaces of each tent are streamlined. Single surfaces are kept as small as possible, and the tents are equipped with guy lines at key locations. For our dome tents, we use reinforced mesh sleeves, which are very durable and maximize ventilation between the layers. For the Forum 4 2 tent, a combination of pole sleeves and clips provides for the best stability and ease of handling. All of our tents are equipped with unique apex ventilation flaps for optimal ventilation between the layers. For all Wechsel tents, the stake out points can be adjusted through robust webbing loops to get a creasefree, well aerated setup, which helps keep the tents quiet in the wind. Modern FEA computer analysis makes it possible to adapt the poles to the dimensions of each tent style. All lightweight Wechsel tents are constructed to be used in most conditions and seasons with no problems. However, in extreme winter and snow conditions, it is advisable to use specially designed winter tents.


The materials we utilise are regularly controlled and further developed through laboratory and practical tests. Our laboratory tests are conducted according to the most modern ISO standards, and our practical testing is conducted on expeditions around the globe. Testing includes waterproofing, tensile strength, and abrasion resistance, as well as aging and durability after intensive UV exposure. Our materials decisions reflect a balance of weight and stability, long-term durability, and price. Regular controls insure that the fabrics applied are flawless. We only utilise reliable materials for all of our Wechsel tents – high quality aluminium tent poles, cotton-shrouded polyester thread, temperature- and break-resistant buckles, high quality webbing, durable zippers and original Linelock® guy line locks. Therefore, the Wechsel tents can survive many years of intense usage. The accessories include stable tent pegs made from high tensile aluminium and a repair tube for tent poles for emergency repairs. All silicone-coated items include seam sealant. Water Column and Tensile Strength The level of waterproofing is measured by water column. The water column signifies the maximum pressure that the fabric can resist. The data provided on the water column and tensile strength are based on our laboratory tests, which take into consideration the natural aging and standard fluctuations due to the coatings, for instance, and represent realistic guaranteed minimums. The actual water column and tensile strength at delivery are thus usually higher. Therefore, we do not necessarily choose the fabric with the highest value but rather with the lowest aging.


Our experienced technicians monitor the workmanship and control of our tents. The sewing methods and fabric bias are chosen for optimal performance. Lapfolded seams combined with catenary cuts provide for the greatest durability at the lowest weight.