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Tarp S

Tarp SProduktdetailProduktdetailProduktdetailProduktdetailTarp S Grundskizze

The Tarp S with the sizes 290 X 400 cm is a 11,6m² rectangular flysheet for multiple applications. The diverse setup options make it practical for a wide variety of usages: as an additional roof or as a substitute tent. It can be fastened to trees or stakes or set up with additional tent poles (not included) to be used on its own. All guy line loops are reinforced and equipped with a sturdy brass grommets. Six guy lines with tension locks are included with each Tarp. Guy line flags ensure good visibility of the lines and they fix the rolled up lines when folding the tarp. The Tarp can be set up as desired using poles from our accessories.

Size (LxWxH) 290 x 400 cm
Weight1,160 kg
Packing Size30 x 17 cm
RRP 94,90 €


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