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IXPE mat Facila is an indestructible all-rounder – closed pores mean they are durable, moisture resistant and extremely stable. Moreover, it protects you from cold, wet and hard or craggy surfaces. In addition, the raised honeycomb structure ensures pleasant lying comfort. The foam is thicker in the middle of the mat than at the foot and head end for maximum insulation on the torso. When folded, the IXPE Mat Facila can also be used as a seat cushion.


Product details

  • Rectangular shape
  • Especially suitable for overnight stays at mild temperatures or as an additional base in extremely cold temperatures
  • Material: IXPE foam
  • R-Value 1.9 matches approx. 2°C
  • Elastic straps incl.
Colours Black
R-Value 1.9
Size (LxWxH) 188 x 55 x 1.8
Weight 0,340 kg
Packing Size 55 x 13.5 x 12.5
Art.-No. 233132
RRP 49,90 €

Travel Line Insulation Mats

Are you looking for a mat you can safely bed down on after a long trek? And do you attach great importance to comfort, insulation and durability? Then you should take a look at the mats we have designed in line with our own ideas. Choose from the comfortable Teron series, designed with insulation in mind, the highly resistent Facila and Mateno models or the Coreo air mattress, which features the double air chamber system.

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