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Teron L 7.5 XT

High insulation on cozy fabric and lots of space

Comfort, insulation and durability take centre stage in the Teron series. The reclining surfaces are covered with a soft, velvety material that invites you to relax, while the “Core Comfort Concept” ensures lightness without compromising warmth.



Round corners, rectangular shapeCore Comfort Area, solid foamTop fabric: 50 D Stretch PolyesterBottom fabric: 75 D Brushed PolyesterPU Foam, 16 kg/m³, R-Value 6,1 matches -24°C2 X Big Push In valvesRepair Kit included

Size (LxWxH)198 x 66 x 7,5 cm
Weight2,220 kg
Packing Size75 x 20 cm
RRP 188,90 €


Travel Line Insulation Mats

Are you looking for a mat you can safely bed down on after a long trek? And do you attach great importance to comfort, insulation and durability? Then you should take a look at the mats we have designed in line with our own ideas. Choose from the comfortable Teron series, designed with insulation in mind, or the highly resistent Mateno models.

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