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Questions regarding the purchase

Can I purchase/order directly from Wechsel Tents?
Unfortunately not. Our products are only available through retailers. This provides you with a detailed consultation, comparison options in your area and also the best way to see the tent when set up, so you can be sure that the type and size fits to your needs. A list of dealers can be found in the main menu.

My dealer has a particular model not available . What can I do?
Ask your dealer if he may order this tent. We deliver to any registered dealer to view this tents. If it does not suit you, we'll take it back within two weeks, if the tent has no signs of use.
My dealer currently does not have Wechsel tents!
Please contact us and we will check with your dealer, if he would like to make a special order.

Questions regarding the care

Where can I find the care instruction for my sleeping bag?
The care instruction is in the inside pocket of the sleeping bag. Or here as PDF file for download.

How do I care for my tent best?
The basic things are always the same:

  • Never store the tent packed with moisture.
  • Regularly remove sand and/or dirt of the tent, because when packing sand and/or dirt can act like sandpaper.
  • Keep the zippers consistently free of dirt and also occasionally spray sparingly with silicone spray.
  • Leave the tent never be unnecessarily long in the blazing sun. UV rays affect the water column of the fly sheet. These long-term care increases the lifespan.
  • Exact details and care tips find in the manual.

Do I have to seal the seams at my tent
Travel Line and Model Bella
The seams are factory-sealed with tape. The seams can become permeable at the points of stress or
where webbing or elastic have been sewn. If that is the case, please apply sealers to the dry seams.

Zero G Line and Unlimited Line
Due to the silicon coating, seam taping cannot be applied to these tents. The cotton-covered polyester thread expands when it is wet and thus seals the seams. Should the seams nonetheless become permeable after prolonged usage, please use seam sealer. We suggest to apply the seam sealer before the first use on a dry and clean tent.

My tent has stains/soils. How do I get this off?
On all light- weight tents hard detergents are generally not suitable. Try with detergent and water using a soft sponge to wipe off the dirt. If this does not work, some cleaning soap can first tried on a small area of the carry bag . A tent should never be washed in no case in a household washing machine.

What seam sealer should I use for which fabric?
Basically, the type of coating is crucial. For polyester and nylon with PU coating you should use only Seam Grip or similar. But you can also use Seal Net, because silicone adhesive stays on both materials.
For polyester and nylon with silicone coating should only Seal Net be used.

I need replacement parts or accessories. Where can I get it?
Please contact your dealer or us directly. In most cases, we have all spare parts on stock.

My tent has a broken pole. Can I fix it or needs the pole to be replaced?
If only segments are broken, they can be replaced. Our poles are provided with a so-called bolt tip. This is the tip of the pole which is inserted into the eye let of the tent . The bolt tip is screwed or in the newer tents of the Zero G and Unlimited line plugged and can be pulled/screwed out. The shock cord is attached to the tip . Straighten out the pole so that the shock is released from tension, you can disconnect the shock cord from the tip. Now you can replace the defected segment. Service Video

Warranty and Service

I have a complaint or wish to repair. Who can I contact?
Our customers appreciate the very good service from Wechsel. No matter how well you look after your equipment, it can always happen that the equipment gets damaged. We are always there for you and are available to help and advise you, so that you either get your equipment yourself repaired again or our service department will repair your product expertly and inexpensively. We also usually have spare parts in stock for Wechsel products that you purchased many years ago. This is what we mean by sustainability, if you can use your equipment for a long time.


Wechsel gives 2 years warranty from the date of purchase on the products. This warranty covers material, manufacturing and processing defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misfortune, misuse, indebtedness or normal wear of the product. Damage beyond the warranty, we repair for a small fee in our service department. Contact your dealer or contact us directly.
If you send in a tent for repair please contact us first. Shipments sent unfree are not accepted. If you send in your tent for a repair, it must be free of loose dirt. Dirt particles not only damage the material, but also our machines, so we can only work on clean tents. Please always include a brief letter with your name, reason for submission and your telephone number. If we have questions about the completion of your repair, we will contact you immediately.

In the morning my tent is wet inside, even though it has not rained!
There are sometimes climatic conditions since the ventilation comes to their limits. For example, if there are large differences in temperature, or if the temperature is below 15 degrees center grade at night, humid air, morning fog, etc ... Probably you also do not know that from the ground comes lot of moisture. Thus, a disadvantage of large vestibules which covers a very large floor area, and thus gathers the soil moisture is disclosed. Groundsheet in this case brings relief and prevents soil moisture accumulates in the tent.

My zipper does not close. What can I do?
It may be that the zipper does not close properly after prolonged use, specially if the zipper had often stuck in the fabric. The zipper has stretched a little. With light and even pressure with two identical clamps on the sides of the zipper slider, you can restore the closing force again . But be careful! If you excessively compress the zipper slider, it is then too stiff. So rather act more often with slight pressure and check each time if the zipper closes fine.
A zipper should be maintained regularly. That means release the coil of dirt and dust and apply from time to time a care, for example, "Mc Nett ZIP tech".
If you are en route, silicone spray or candle wax can also help.

Moisture underneath the mattress, an impervious floor?
Often it is condensation that makes the floor wet and just under the mattress. With a simple test, you can determine if the bottom is leaking. Take a bucket and place the tent floor to be tested over it. Now fix the material with a string or a rubber on the bucket. The material should form a hollow of about 10 cm. Fill the hollow with water and leave it for a while. The water should be slightly warmer than the room temperature, so that condensation does not distort the result. After one hour carefully loosen the string/rubber and lift the floor. If the bottom is leaking, it should be clearly visible on the underside.

My tent has a rip at the fly sheet
A rip on the fly sheet can be well sealed with a patch. Here is a short guide.

I recommend to glue a patch from the inside. Spread the tent, so the outside is up. Fix the rip from the outside with a paper sticker (such as a package sticker). Now turn the fixed fabric over. Lubricate the patches abundantly with the seam sealer and apply to the fixed place. Make sure that the patch also goes over the edge. Then put a piece of a plastic bag on it and weight down with books. Remove books and bag after 2 hours. Control the patch and maybe apply a little more seam sealer, then let it dry for 24 hours. I recommend SilNet by McNett. It is permanently elastic because it is made of silicone.

Questions about water column

Why has the favorable Travel Line a higher water column than the Zero G and Unlimited Line?
The favorable PU coating has the disadvantage that it cures over the years, regardless of whether the tent is used or is just in the cupboard. That means the density decreases. In order to permit after several years a rain-tightness, a much higher water column must be achieved with a PU coated material at the beginning. Silicone coated materials, however remain almost constant over a long period. For this reason, an initial resistance of 2.000mm is absolutely sufficient.
According to DIN a tent is Rainproof at a water column of 1.200mm at the fly sheet.

The meadow is under water due to heavy rain and the tent floor (despite high water column) is water-permeable as soon as I load it e.g. kneel on it. What can I do?
If the tent is standing in water and you kneel on it, there is such a high pressure at certain points that even a water column of 15.000 mm is not enough to keep the water from penetrating. Modern tents, whether used or brand new, are not designed to stand in water. Therefore, the only solution is to use a groundsheet and, if possible, find a place that will not be flooded overnight.

Questions about UV protection

Do the Tarps and Wing give UV protection?
Not in principle. The material is equipped with UV protection that primarily serves to protect the material. This serves primarily to protect the material. It is important to take into account the UV scattering of the environment, especially near water, sand / beach surfaces and snow.
It is also not recommended to use the material in the long term as a sunscreen, as the material could be damaged.

Questions about the poles

What is the short pole segment for?
The so-called repair tube is used for first-aid repairs if a tent pole breaks during the trip. It is slightly larger in diameter than the tent pole and can therefore easily be moved over the damaged area. The easiest way to fix the repair sleeve is with duct tape.

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