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Insulation Mat Series NUBO

For tours where every ounce counts.

If you have to pay attention to every gram in your longer treks or for multi-day mountain tours, then our light and space-saving NUBO is just right for you. Its layer construction and the non-slip, water-repellent bottom material provide a high degree of insulation in conjunction with its wool filling. Due to their wavy construction, the soft sleeping pads also compensate for larger bumps in the floor and, thanks to the anatomically shaped headboard, offer a high level of comfort. The special construction in connection with the high quality materials allows a very low weight. Nevertheless, they are very comfortable and the incorporated wool fibers protect against the cold of the ground. The wool is of Australian origin and has been tested by the Institute SGS according to the guidelines of the ITWO (International Wool Textile Organization).

Product details

  • Rectangular shape for maximum floor efficiency
  • Lightweight Insulation mattress with small packing size
  • Transverse air chamber for an ideal balance between weight and comfort
  • Top fabric 30D Polyester
  • Bottom fabric 30D Non Slip Polyester
  • Filling Layer 70% Wool, 30% Hollowfibre
  • Worlds first Mattress with wool insulation
  • R-Value 2.45 matches approx. 0°C
  • Integrated Hand / Foot pump avoid humid breath inside the matt
  • One inflate valve at the hand pump, one deflate valve
  • Carry bag and Velcro belt
  • Repair Kit incl.

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