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Insulation Mat Series TERON

Kingsize camping. Meet the mats of the TERON series.

The comfortable, large sleeping area and a velvety, cozy mat surface guarantees maximum comfort and restful sleep. The "Core Comfort Concept" is characterized by maximum insulation in the middle part of the mat and above all protects the torso from the cold. The hardness of the self-inflating Teron can be regulated by supplying more or less air. Vertical punchings in the foam reduce the weight and bring more air into the mat for better insulation. Despite the generous dimensions, the Teron mats have a small pack size. And with the help of the Big Push-In valves, they can be inflated or deflated quickly and easily.

When it comes to comfort, the Teron XT models are unbeatable.
Thanks to their box-shaped construction, the XT models can make full use of the tent floor and can be perfectly combined with other mats. With several XT mats you can expand your sleeping area into a spacious lounge area.

Product details

  • Round corners, rectangular shape
  • 3 D box shape for maximum floor efficiency (XT Version)
  • Top fabric: pleasant 50 D Stretch Polyester
  • Bottom fabric: 75 D Brushed Polyester
  • Foam core and top stretch fabric adapt to the pressure of the body for best sleeping position
  • Core Comfort Area, solid foam for best insulation
  • PU Foam, 16 kg/m³
  • R-Value between 3.5 and 7.9 matches -8°C to -34°C
  • Two Big Push In valves for easy in- and deflating (XT Version)
  • Carrybag and Velcro belts
  • Handpump (XT Version) and Repair Kit included

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