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Tent constructions

If you plan to purchase a new tent, certain questions will come up: Do I want a tunnel, hybrid or geodesic tent (the dome tent is the simple type of geodesic tent)? Should the pole sleeves be on the inner tent or the fly? There seldom is a simple answer. Decisive is how the tent will most often be used. Below we are showing the most common ad- and disadvanages:



  • Higher storm stability
  • Almost free standing
  • Can be moved or turned while errected
  • Roomier inner tent through dome shaped inner tent


  • Mostly higher weight compared to floorsize of tunnel shape
  • Smaller vestibule
  • Inner tent not always protected against rain when vestibule doors are open

Tunnel Tent


  • Better weight/room ratio
  • Mostly larger vestibule
  • Inner tent mostly protected against rain when vestibule door is open


  • Must be staked out to set up
  • Needs more stake out guy lines if stormy
  • Noisier in strong winds because fabrics do flutter

Hybrid Tent


  • Optimized space utilization
  • Relatively high wind stability due to pole hubs
  • Self-supporting and largely free standing
  • Suitable construction for 1-3 person tents


  • Must be fixed with pegs, depending on the construction
  • Unsuitable construction for 4-person tents and larger

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