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Repairing tent poles

Do you want to repair your equipment yourself? In order to provide you the right pole segment, wee need some information about the product in advance. It is best to write us an e-mail with the following information:

  • Tent/Product name
  • Product line (Travel Line, Zero-G Line, Unlimited Line)
  • Date of purchase, optional proof of purchase in case of warranty claim
  • Pole color
  • How many pole segments are defective?
  • Is it a simple pole segment or an end segment with end tip?
  • Is the pole segment pre-bent?
  • To be on the safe side, measure the length of the defective segment with and without insert (tapering).
  • Last but not least: include your shipping address!

For each segment we charge 7 €. DHL shipping is 7.50 € within Germany and 15 € EU-wide.

Short instructions for pole self-repair.

1. Pull off or unscrew the end tip of the tent pole.
2. Loosen the shock cord from the end tip.
3. Replace the defective segment.
4. Re-thread the shock cord.
5. Knot the shock cord to the end tip and reinsert or screw it into the end segment. Done.

Video instructions for replacing a pole segment.

You can do small pole repairs yourself without prior knowledge. Our repair video provides step-by-step instructions for uncomplicated and quick do-it-yourself repairs. Don't worry, you don't need any special tools.


Avoid broken poles. Tips and tricks.

Not fully inserted pole segments is the most common cause of pole breakage. Especially when pitching tunnel tents, it is recommended to push the poles into the pole sleeves, starting from one side, rather than pulling from the opposite side, which may cause the segments to come loose. Re-connecting them in the pole sleeves is difficult and may be the source of breakage.


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