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"Lost" in Peru

Claudia Lippert

May 19, 2010

I knew that someday I will travel all over South America. But even one week before my departure I wasn´t sure about the kind of tent I should use. It should be lightweight, under four lbs., wind- and weatherproof, specially it should withstand the famous Patagonian weather and it should be roomy enough for me and my equipment.

Finally i found the Wechsel Pathfinder tent and I was happy that this was the only tent that met my demands in every way I needed it. And I can say that I never have regreted this choice.

First I was heading to the Cordilliera Blanca, I have heard that this is a great place for hiking until End of September. But during my travelling I met a girl from Pomabamba and she invited me to her village where at this time the Fiesta de San Francisco de Asis was starting. I had plenty of time and thought this would be a nice opportunity to improve my Spanish so I joined her.

After three days dancing with the locals I stayed one week more, and I travelled up in the mountains to Yaino to about 10.000feet elevation. I met some natives there. They showed me how to chew the coca leaves which really gave relief to my headaches but lead to keep me awake all night. After all, at the time when the Year was comming to its end I reached the rain forrests. I was going from Yurimaguas by ship to Lagunas. From there I used the local wooden kajaks to discover the small rivers in this area.

I used the inner tent of my Pathfinder as a perfect mosquito protection.

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