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My first solo overnighter

Belén Castelló

September 2023


I've been traveling by bike for 6 years already but have never once spent the night camping alone.

During our time in Kyrgyzstan, I found myself with a few days free while Tristan was racing in the Silk Road Mountain Race. We've become very attached in the past few years, and I've gotten a bit too comfortable assuming he'll handle any unexpected obstacles for me. So, I decided it was finally time to break free from this sense of dependency and rediscover my ability to do things on my own.


Without overthinking it too much, I packed my bike and left the comforts of our friend’s apartment in Bishkek. Once outside, it was like a sixth sense kicked in, as if my subconscious was looking out for me and trusted nothing and no one. It's fascinating how this never happened when I was traveling with Tristan.

Once outside, it was like a sixth sense kicked in

In this video, I invite you along on my bikepacking escape into the hills behind Bishkek and share my realizations, fears, and lessons learned during this solo adventure.

About the Author

Belén Castelló is an adventure cyclist and route designer from Spain, and co-author of “Bike Life” and “50 Ways to Cycle the World.” She teams up with Tristan Bogaard (@tristanbogaard) and is the data-driven guide behind all of their self-made rides. She’s dedicated to getting more people into bicycle travel through her digital and physical content as well as guided rides. Find her videos on YouTube and her photos on Instagram.

Words, photos, and film by Belén Castelló (@belletoscan)

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