Lankwitzer Straße 17-18
D-12107 Berlin

Repair service

Equipment sometimes gets damaged. In such cases, the WECHSEL repair service is there to advise you and help you get your equipment back in working order.

We can repair almost everything!

  • Broken tent poles
  • Zippers on sleeping bags and tents
  • Replace eyelets, webbing and buckles
  • Replace valves on self-inflating mats
  • All leaky, torn or holey tent floors are professionally repaired by the Outdoor Service Team.

I have a defective product. What is the best way to proceed?
Send us your repair request by e-mail. Please use our contact form. In order to accept your service request, your letter should contain the following information:

  • Tent/Product name
  • Product line (Travel Line, Zero-G Line, Unlimited Line)
  • Date of purchase, optional proof of purchase in case of warranty claim

How do I send in a defective product?
Mark the defective spot on the product and send the package with your contact information (name, address) to our repair service:

  • Skanfriends GmbH
    Wechsel Tents
    Repair service
    Lankwitzer Straße 17-18
    D-12107 Berlin

Repair costs
As soon as we have inspected the damage, you will receive a cost estimate from us. The DHL return shipping charge is 7.50 € within Germany and 15 € EU-wide.

Pole repair

Would like us to repair your tent poles? Then it is best to send us the complete set. Upon receipt of your package, we will inspect all segments for damage and replace individual defective segments. If it is necessary to replace a whole arch or even the entire set, we will contact you again. Please remove the tape or similar that was used to fix the breakage beforehand.

Cost of pole repair
The replacement of one segment costs 32 €. For each additional segment we charge 7 €.
DHL return shipping is 7.50 € within Germany and 15 € EU-wide.

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