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High-quality lightweight tents since 1995.

Wechsel – for over 20 years our name has stood for tents of the highest quality. We have made it our mission to produce perfectly designed and finished tents that stand out not just for their toughness and durability but their well thought out details too. Our product range, from tents to our insulation mats and sleeping bags, comes from the requirements that our customers and ourselves place in modern equipment.

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Tent Knowledge

We present our products in detail and give you advise on how to set up your tent. Visit our channel.

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Backcountry Camping

Sleeping outside after a hike, bicycle tour, climbing or canoeing: For outdoor lovers, this is the culmination of a day in the great outdoors. Our guidebook gives you advice on how to camp in the backcountry.

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Our tents offer for every adventure, for every weather a safe shelter. To meet the different requirements, we subdivided our tents in three different product lines.

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